With all the various rules and regulations that govern the management of lists, it’s becoming more and more difficult to not only have your email delivered to your recipient’s inbox Think about all those email filters that block spam, but also to actually convince your recipient to read and open your email.

Think about your own inbox for an instant… what number of emails do receive every day? How simple is for you to get through it for you to locate the information you need to get through the junk that gets tossed into your inbox every day?

Yes you can set up rules and filters to automately handle your email when it is received In fact, I strongly suggest you do it! However, if you adhere to the best practices for sending emails, it will be much simpler for your email to get into the inbox of the intended recipient https://www.growbots.com/blog/best-time-to-send-email-campaigns/

These are the top 5 recommendations for the most effective email management practices:

  1. Confirmation/double opt-in.If you’re reading this email you’re probably aware that for it to be delivered to your inbox, at the time you first subscribed, you’d receive my email inviting for confirmation of your subscribe. This is known as double opt-in. Once you opted-in, you typed in your email address and name on my website. Then you signed up for another time after you clicked on the link within an email that confirmed your registration. This informs the list service that you want to receive emails from me. Consequently, when I implement this method within my company I’m creating an excellent list of customers with a lower likelihood to complain about me for spam.
  2. Subject lines.Many online marketers will advise that you should be creative with your subject lines so that they evoke interest and convince the recipient to open their email. The issue in those “clever” subjects is they can be prone to be over-hyped and may get snagged by spam filters. Personally, I’m a massive advocate of including the subject of your email precisely the subject matter of your email… it’s a good idea! But make sure to do it in an approach that asks the reader a question and creates curiosity this way.
  3. Segmentation.Make sure you are smart in the way you market and create a segmented lists. Do not send emails to people soliciting them to buy your latest program or product when they’ve already purchased it! It only irritates your customers and makes them more likely to opt out.
  4. It’s not ok to add someone else to your list.If someone handed them their card during a party or at a meeting, does not mean that it’s ok for the you to include them to your list. You can then begin mailing them your ezine and other promotional emails. The best option is to invite them personally to join for your list, and provide them the link to sign up so that they can decide whether or not.
  5. Consistency.It is essential for making sure that your recipients are able to read your emails. They should eagerly await your emails and eagerly prepare for them. The best most effective way to accomplish this is to keep sending them consistently. If you declare that you’re planning to send out a newsletter each week, make it happen. It’s not good to send emails whenever you want to or whenever you have the time. This is a guaranteed method for your readers to ignore you, and to not bother with opening their emails.