If so, then the new science of biocosmology represents a profound step forward in our understanding of the universe. If not, then at least Kauffman, Smolin and co can say they acknowledge this claim as “outrageous speculation”. One of the great mysteries of science is how life fits into our broader understanding of the universe. In particular, many theorists have wondered how the great complexity of life can be reconciled with the laws of thermodynamics that suggest that all systems must inevitably decay to a state of greatest disorder. It is the essential source of information and ideas that make sense of a world in constant transformation.

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One such candidate is the cosmological constant, a term once Einstein introduced to his theory of gravity but later retracted. He had regretted that introduction of this term was his biggest mistake. What we may be seeing is that the cosmological constant was necessary after all. Physical cosmology is the branch of physics and astrophysics that deals with the study of the physical origins and evolution of the universe.

Infinite sets simply have different mathematical properties, one of which is the possibility of a one-to-one relation between the number of members of infinite sets and those of their subsets. So, arguments from contingency baselessly assume that a series must have an explanation at all. Leibniz’ argument is a priori, it doesn’t require inference from experience. The downside of a posteriori arguments is that they are defeasible, meaning in principle future experiences could always prove them false. The cosmological argument could be defended by arguing that the universality of the causal principle is justified through induction.

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Following his teacher’s ideas, Anaximander also proposed a primal substance or principle from which all things originated and to which all things would return. This elementary substance he called the Boundless, which he believed to be an eternal and infinite entity that transcended the physical world.

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Using the standard model of cosmology , they can then extrapolate across more than 13 billion years of cosmic evolution to estimate the present-day value for sigma-eight. He argues that in an infinite chain of contingent beings is possible and doesn’t need an ultimate sufficient reason. Of course, Leibniz wants to object that this leaves the whole chain itself without explanation, without reason for existence. Hume, however, denies the validity of claiming that there is ‘whole’ chain. That is a mental construction, an “arbitrary act of the mind” which is irrelevant to reality.