A phone adapter or charger is another must-have item for everyone. At present, various types of adapters are sold at different price points. This often leads to many choosing to buy an adapter with a supply voltage unsuitable for the device, which could result in negative effects on battery life. Therefore, in order to extend and maximize your device’s battery life, the adapter must be selected properly in the following ways:

3 Ways to Choose an Adapter and Maximize Battery Life

  1. Select the appropriate adapter wattage for the device

An adapter is an item that supplies power to a device, so choosing an adapter that supplies more power than what the device is able to support may result in fast deterioration of battery life. The iPhone can support a maximum power supply of 5-27 watts, so choosing an adapter that supplies electricity within appropriate for this range is suitable. However, for fast charging adapters, avoid choosing anything that supplies more than 60 watts.

  1. Opt for genuine products from Apple or Apple-certified brands

The simplest way to choose an adapter is to buy a genuine or certified product for your iPhone, iPad or iPod. These products can be purchased directly from Apple, or from Apple-certified brands which can be identified via the MFi-Certified symbol where MFi stands for “Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod”. This ensures that you will definitely receive an adapter that is suitable for your device.

  1. Avoid using a Wireless Charger that is not MagSafe

Wireless chargers are recently becoming very popular. Although you do not need an adapter for this, using a wireless charger that supplies an unsuitable amount of wattage could result in the phone or device overheating. This could affect the battery and circuits resulting in the phone to deteriorate more quickly. Ensure that you are buying the MagSafe if you decide to buy a wireless charger for your iPhone/iPad/iPod.

Tips to Prolong Battery Life

In addition to choosing a suitable charger for that device, our charging habits play an important role as well. To prolong battery life, do not use your phone while it is charging because this results in high heat. Do not leave your phone battery to run out to the point where it turns off as this draws more power when charged causing the battery to deteriorate quickly. Furthermore, when your device is fully charged, it should be removed rather than left plugged in for a long time.


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