Fiber-reinforced plastic has strands of fiberglass or carbon fiber mixed in with the plastic resin. This material looks very similar to ordinary plastic because it can be injection molded into the same shapes; however, it is much stronger, lighter and stiffer. It is usually seen as an upgrade to plastic; however, there are times when you want the chassis to have some flex. Even though fiber-reinforced plastic is stronger than regular plastic, it will not bend as far without breaking. Low temperatures make the problem even worse because it will make the material brittle, so take that into consideration when using this type of chassis during the winter months. There is a lot of buzz in the RC world about tuned flex chassis, so it is important to know how chassis flex effects the car’s handling.

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Switch on the RC truck and operate it, engaging the brake and acceleration, for 10 to 20 seconds so that the oil can get distributed in the carburettor. RC winches usually have a brushed motor that does not need to be waterproofed as it can work even when submerged underwater. However, you should waterproof the circuit board connected to the winch; you can do that by covering it with PlastiDip or conformal coating. Many hobbyists may not realize that even if their RC truck is touted as waterproof, it may not actually be 100% waterproof.

As the size of the RC car gets smaller, the scale gets bigger – a 1/64 scale RC car is some of the smallest RC cars. Ground clearance is an important feature for an RC 4×4 truck looking for an off-road adventure. A good suspension system provides adequate ground clearance and allows the truck to navigate over obstacles without getting stuck or scraping the chassis. Super fast and great looks, the Remote Control Aftershock 3.5 4WD Nitro powered desert truck is designed to accomplish your bashing and racing needs….

The transmitter is ergonomically designed for long periods of fatigue-free bashing and has a foam wheel for precise fingertip control plus an improved hand grip and trigger feel. New bashers will be able to set throttle limits at 50% or 75% until they are ready to use the full speed potential. There are different 1/10 scale RC vehicles, from monster trucks to on-road cars. However, this usually refers to the electrical components like the servo, receiver box, and the ESC.

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Also think about the terrain you’ll be on the most, like grass, pavement, dirt, clay, or rocks. An RC truck with 4×4 functionality will have different features if it is built for pavement than one built for crawling over rocky terrain. Large scale aluminum bodied oil filled shocks, coupled with 4-wheel independent suspension, add a degree of prowess to the MT’s otherwise aggressive display of dominance.

The scale size will determine where you can drive your RC car and how you use them. This RC car has a 1/90 scale(!), a 25mm length, 7mm width, weight lesser than 1pounds, and height between 3 to 5mm. Each RC cars differ in size even if they have the same scale. To explain this best, an RC car the size of an actual car will be a 1/1 scale.

Nail polish is another quick and easy way to waterproof your RC truck. You can use it to seal the ESC’s, servos’s and receiver’s circuit boards.

Power up your radio gear and set the trim knobs to center before you install the servos. As you can see, there are endless options for building your very own RC Truck Ramp. Whether you want a simple ramp to jump or go for a more complex ramp system, you can save a ton of money by doing it yourself. Network – RC hobbyist are a unique group of individuals and usually enjoy spending time together in groups. Reach out to your local groups to find people that can help you. When you join together with others to enjoy a hobby in common, you may find that they will be able to give you some great advice on where to jump your RC.

Here’s another old-school method—using wax to waterproof the electronics of your RC truck. Of course, this is not recommended to do on expensive and high powered RC models simply because it is a messy method that should be reserved for cheaper RC trucks only. PlastiDip is another popular product many people use to waterproof their RC trucks. However, the epoxy can be used to cover and seal the circuit boards of the ESC and receiver without that causing them to overheat. The advantage of the balloon method is that it is super easy to do. The balloon can later be quickly and easily removed once you don’t need it. However, when used to waterproof an ESC, it can quickly lead to it overheating due to the zero air circulation.

In those cases, they can be run for at least 15 to 20 minutes without any problems. The environment and atmospheric conditions are the number one reason why you may need to waterproof an RC truck. It is recommended to go with waterproof parts whenever possible because most waterproofing methods, as you will see, usually also result in you losing the item’s warranty. Waterproofing your RC truck is necessary if you are expecting to use it in a wet environment. Even light rain or small puddles of water are enough of a reason to waterproof your RC truck. In this article, I will discuss everything you need to know and understand when waterproofing your RC truck. You will find that there are many different ways you can waterproof an RC vehicle, but they are not all the same in terms of effectiveness and consequences.